Did you know 94% of consumers admit that a bad review made them avoid a business. However, 45% said they are more likely to visit a business if it responds to negative reviews. 

This is a huge opportunity! When life gives you lemons make lemonade as my mama said. Instead learn how to turn negative social media comments into a positive for your business.

1. Be an Active Listener

People won’twon’t always comment directly on your channel or in your comments section. Use your social media scheduler.

2. Be Quick but Thoughtful

Don’t delete, block or ignore it. Doing this can give your customers the impression you don’t care about them or have no concrete answer. That’s okay. Acknowledge them and let them know you’ll look into it and get back to them at a specific time.

3. Respond Publicly

This can be hard, but responding where everyone can see creates transparency and trust and shows you care. Personally, I like to take the Dolly Parton approach to these sorts of situations. Stay positive. Be empathetic and acknowledge their concerns. Apologize. Don’t debate your customers or argue with them. Instead, offer them a link, email, or contact information so you can talk one-on-one.

4. Beware of Trolls

Even though we don’t live in a fairy tale world, trolls exist. Like a hormonal teenager, people sometimes want to argue and bash your brand, product, or service no matter what. But before you jump to conclusions, though, investigate the claims. (Because you know what happens if you assume things.) If their claims are unfounded, stay calm and carry on. It might be best to ignore, delete or hide in these rare situations.

5. Establish a Game Plan

Even better than the above, talk with your marketing team to establish a game plan for how you want to handle these situations ahead of time. It’ll save you time and save you from future headaches.

Use the above as a guideline; over time, you’ll build a relationship with your customers based on trust. 

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