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Big Waves InC.

Big Waves is a non-profit located in Broomfield, Colorado, whose mission is to promote gun safety through training, giving free gun locks to anyone who needs one, and creating a ripple of positivity in their community through the sport of water polo.

The Story Behind Big Waves

Big Waves Inc. was born out of the tragic and senseless event of gun violence. For the Bigelow family, June 14, 2018, started out as a lazy summer day.

Meghan Bigelow was driving her sons to a combined dentist appointment when she attempted to move over due to an emergency vehicle behind her. The man in the lane next to her started screaming at her and followed her to the dentist’s office. There he pulled a gun on her and the children. She and her son 7-year-old son, Asa, were both seriously wounded but survived. But her 13-year-old son Vaughn Jr. was killed.

Meghan and her husband, Vaughn Bigelow Sr., formed Big Waves to honor their son, Vaughn Bigelow Jr. Their mission is to create awareness about gun safety so that other families don’t have to experience this devasting loss and to create a ripple of positivity by promoting the sport of Water Polo in Colorado since it was a sport Vaughn Jr. loved.


Big Waves Website

Telling the Story…

The core of what I do for Big Waves is telling their story. I help them promote their mission of gun safety through social media posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Our main goals are awareness, education, and fundraising so they can further their mission.

Their team is made up of volunteers, and Meghan and Vaughn both work full-time, so I’ve been able to get minimal direction from them and run independently creating content for their social media accounts so they don’t have to worry about it.

I also help them update their website in SquareSpace as needed for events, such as gun training, blood drives, their annual golf tournament, the Vaughn Bigelow Scholarship, and more.

Big Waves Social Media

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Big Waves - Lock Your Blasters
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