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Make Philanthropy Work

Make Philanthropy Work is a philanthropic fundraising consulting firm. They provide a suite of services that transform, impact, and that advance the missions of their clients. 

Make Philanthropy Work HubSpot Blog

This project’s goal was to create a blog within HubSpot that would integrate with their current website, which is built using WordPress. HubSpot built a basic template, and then I went in behind the scenes and tweaked it to create a seamless brand experience. See for yourself at

HubSpot E-mail Marketing

If you’re not familiar with HubSpot, it’s a full suite of software built around the inbound marketing philosophy. The idea is to attract customers by creating valuable content and experiences specific to an audience. While outbound marketing interrupts one with content the consumer or user don’t always want. The goal of inbound marketing is to form connections and solve their problems.

I worked with Make Philanthropy Work to create an email template newsletter within HubSpot that they could then customize with content relative to their audience every month.

In October 2020, we sent an email touting the launch of the blog and our open rate was an impressive 33.7% and a click through rate of 6.4%. The average open rate of an email these days is around 18% and 2.6% for click through rate according to Campaign Monitor.

Make Philanthropy Work Email Template