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Transformation Landing PageS

Transformation Log and Timber Stain is an oil-based stain made by Sashco Inc. Working closely with their brand manager on the log segment side. We designed this landing page specifically with log home homeowners in mind. The goal was to attract new customers. The user generated a lead by filling out a form to request samples of three different colors they could try out on their homes.

HubSpot Landing Page Design

Designed in HubSpot, the goal of this landing page is to get stain samples into the hands of potential customers. Staining a log home is labor intensive and a substantial investment. It’s important to pick a color you’ll love for years to come that will not only protect your investment, but that will look beautiful too.

Customers enter the landing page from the product page on the Sashco log segment’s website and click on a button labeled “Free Stain Samples.” They can choose up to 3 stain samples to receive a box of resources from brochures to chinking samples to help them in their buyer’s journey.

Sashco Transformation Stain Landing Page
Sashco Transformation Log and Timber Stain Thank You Landing Page

The Thank You Page

Once the user filled out the form, they were taken to a thank-you page to explore further into their buyer’s journey.

    • Did they need some help knowing how to apply the stain? Then they could schedule a call with Sashco’s friendly customer service team.
    • Did they need to find a contractor? Great, they can click through and find one near them.
    • Did they need some reassurance? There was a testimonial from a happy customer to ease their mind.
    • Or maybe they’re restoring a log home and not sure where to start? That base was covered too. We listed some blog posts outlining many successful restoration stories on Sashco’s blog.

      So How Did It Measure Up?

      This campaign was one of the most successful. Why? It targeted log homeowners, and the call to action was clear. Staining your log home is a big investment, and it takes the risk out of choosing a stain color you don’t like. People spent an average of 3 minutes on the form page.  The average conversion rate for a landing page is 2.35%, with the top 25% converting at 5.35% or higher. We landed close to the top 25% at a 5.18% conversion rate.