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Alpha Hydrox

Alpha Hydrox is a comprehensive line of products that range from anti-aging to facial cleansers to body care, moisturizers and skin protection, all designed for a variety of skin types. I worked with a dedicated team of women to rebrand the line.

Now here’s a fun throwback from my days at Neoteric Cosmetics. Redesigned and rebranded in the early 2000s, our target audience at the time was the 40+ demographic. I worked with a playful and dedicated team of women to revitalize and rebrand this skincare line. We tested many of the products ourselves and collaborated on the the packaging from jar lids to tube caps. The main requirements were to keep the “A” and vibrant red color.

The Alpha Hyrdox Logo

The Alpha Hydrox log was designed to look like both an A and H. Red was a legacy color that was to be carried forward with the new design.

Alpha Hydrox® Sample Pack

This direct mail piece was sent out to entice consumers to try a new face mask and create brand awareness for the Alpha Hydrox® skin care line.

The Alpha Hyrdox White

Basic skin care, everything you need, nothing you don’t.

This line of products was developed to target and introduce Alpha Hydrox to a younger generation than the original “red” product line above.  Made for  all skin types, this little sample kit was sold at beauty stores across the nation.

Art Direction

I was part of the creative team which helped art direct the national TV commercial spot and photography used throughout a national print campaign. Curious about why that lady is on a giant tube and you want to see the commercial? Thanks to you YouTube you can travel back in time to around 2003 just click here.

Want to see how Alpha Hydrox has evolved today but has still kept some of the legacy design concepts introduced here? Click here.