Digital & Print Design

Sashco’s Flex Tint Campaign

 In 2020 Sashco launched a product called Flex Tint—a job site tinting system marketed to log home contractors. Using a neutral base contractors can choose how much of one particular color stain to have on hand. They don’t have to return extras to the store or run out and get more. 

Flex Tint Email Marketing Campaign

Flex Tint Product Launch Email Campaign
Flex Tint Unhappy Customer Email Design
Flex Tint Home Improvement Product Launch Email Campaign

The copy and images for the email campaign were supplied by Sashco’s in-house creative team and I designed an email template in HubSpot around their branding and messaging.

In this particular campaign, I experimented with animated GIFs and background images to add some depth and interest while weaving together the overall log branding with the Flex Tint product branding.

I also designed an accompanying landing page which is also doubling as the product page until the site was redesigned.

Sales Sell Sheets

In addition to email marketing, I designed several sales sheets that could be printed or downloaded as PDFs.

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