Sashco Inc.

Sashco is a manufacturer of sealants and stains based out of Brighton, CO. I was an in-house designer for them for 13 years. During that time I worked on a plethora of projects, below are some of the print advertisements I worked on while there and that ran in publications across the U.S.

Colorfast™ Log Home Living Ad

There are two marketing segments at Sashco. The sealants side is the home improvement products that are sold at Ace Hardware, Lowe’s, and hardware stores across the U.S.The second segment is the log home products side. The log side consists of sealants, stains, and stain preparation products for log homes. These are sold at lumber yards, directly to contractors or homeowners, and in hardware stores across the U.S. The following magazine ads were published in various nationwide publications.

Colorfast Log Home Living Ad
History of Caulking Timeline Ad

The History of Caulking Timeline Print Ad

This ad was designed to celebrate Sashco’s 80th anniversary in 2017.

How Do You Lexel Ad

How Do You Lexel? Print Ad

Once touted by the President of Sashco Inc., Les Burch, as one of the best ads they'd ever done, this ad was a collaboration with my brand manager, Darci Kundard at the time and inspired by the lunch notes I was packing in my daughter's lunch at the time.

And Just for Fun…

Here’s a fun flashback of some mockup ads I did back in 2011 that never saw the light of day for one reason or another. Which one is your favorite?