Zero Failures Seminars

Zero Failures consists of two seminars: one focusing on log home maintenance and the second, a business training seminar. Each two-day seminar is sought out around the world from Japan to Finland, and Canada to Russia.

This Powerpoint presentation was a collaborative effort with Sashco’s brand manager to redesign and invigorate over 500 slides. It is presented by our log home experts on 42 inch TVs to the seminar attendees.

The Brochures

We designed these brochures to be self-mailed or as an accompaniment to other marketing materials in sales kits sent to contractors. One is targeted to the Business Focus seminar and the other to the Wood Science seminar prospective attendees.

Zero Failures Binder

This a binder that is given to the Zero Failures Business Focus Seminar attendees. This photo was taken by one of the attendees and posted on Instagram.