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CLEAN ’N Seal Brochure

Clean ’N Seal is based in Brainerd, MN. They were looking to expand their home service offerings to include Log Home Restoration after attending Sashco’s ZF Seminar. They needed a brochure to get the word out and create awareness about their new services.

A Good Foundation to Build On…

Clean ’N Seal already had a strong website showcasing their concrete and paver restoration services.

The design was clean. They had established great branding with their colors, typography, and use of circle shapes. I combined that foundation with my experience from Sashco to build a brochure for them to highlight their new log home restoration services.

The copy focused on creating awareness and identifying common customer pain points when maintaining their dream log homes. I wrote the copy, sourced photos, and used assets they already had to tell their story.

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