No matter what way you look at it 2020 was a year we won’t soon forget. We started off the year like any other but it soon turned into a reality that none of us could’ve predicted or imagined. The first Covid-19 case landed on the ski slopes in Colorado on March 5th. And that’s when it started to become real to us. Our normal ways of life unraveled quickly. Some of it we embraced like not having to run to and fro constantly from activities and slowing down, or having game and themed movie nights at home. Other things were harder to face, like not being able to hug or see our family and friends, Sarah losing her job, or our kids missing out on rites of passage in their childhoods. 

So we kept in our bubble and channeled our inner Pollyanna to find the good inside our world and the world outside — we howled for the healthcare workers, we ding dong dashed and left surprises on doorsteps, we went for long walks and picnics in the park, Anna learned to ride her bike, and we made chalk drawings around the neighborhood. 

The project below is my attempt at processing all the ups and downs of life during a pandemic. It was built using the Chartwell Area font. First, I documented the good, the bad, and the ugly of 2020 for our family in a timeline. Then, I assigned each item a rating or number from 0–100. 0 being the most challenging and suck-tactic of times and 100 the moments that brought us the most joy. Each month was assigned a color to distinguish it from the last. The color palette is based on my branding color palette. The spaces where you see a gap or blank space are the times that were the hardest or the “zero times.”  Luckily we’re saying good-bye to 2020 on a high note. Here’s to 2021 and all of us turn a corner to a brighter and better future.