5 Things I’m Grateful for in 2021

I was in the car the other day driving kids to and fro when my phone randomly picked Kacey Musgraves, Let It Snow, from the 16,747 songs in my iTunes library to play over the car stereo. As random as it was, it was the perfect fit for the moment. Not because the weather was cold and cozy, it was sunny and 72°F here in Colorado, but because I think we’re all looking forward to 2022.

No matter who you are, it’s been another wild ride around the sun, and whether you’re a marketer or creative, you’ve most likely already set your budget for next year and are plotting ways to get ahead on your 2022 goals and metrics.

But before we charge ahead, I think it’s essential for us to press pause and take stock of what we’re grateful for in the last year and what we can bring forward with us into 2022.

So without further adieu, here they are in no particular order.

1. Clients

I’ve loved working with teams who are dang good at their job while being compassionate and insightful people who value design, marketing and are just good human beings to boot. 

The teams I’ve had the pleasure of partnering up with this year are — 

Thank you all for your business this year. Your collaboration and support mean a lot.

2. Connecting

I’m awed and inspired continuously by the people I meet. Whether in person or on Zoom call, I’ve loved hearing all your stories—what your business does, how you got started, your hutzpa, and your unique points of view.

A couple of weeks ago, I got out of the house for a small celebration. It was refreshing being in person again and connecting with new people. I had forgotten how energizing it felt to talk and listen to a group of passionate people expressing their ideas and visions of what the future holds, where they came from, and how it shaped who’ve they’ve become.

Make Philanthropy Work Teamsgiving Event

3. Mentors

From my kids’ teachers, my mom, former bosses, and coach, Ilise Benun, I’m thankful for the people who inspire and teach us new things, help us grow and become a better version of ourselves, and expand our worldview. They make the world a better place by passing their wisdom down to others and sharing their ideas.

4. Adaptability

I’ve been able to pivot when things didn’t go the way I’d planned this year. I’m sure you can relate. It’s been a go-with-the-flow type of year. From diving full-time into my own business and remote working, finding new products to try when I can’t find my old favorite on the store shelf, or to my neighbors getting hitched in their backyard. We’ve had to reset our expectations and redefine success and I’m grateful for being able to adapt to all the changes that were thrown my way this year.

5. Community

One of the best things I did this year was hire Ilise Benun, from the Marketing Mentor, as my marketing coach. I help other companies market their products and services, but I found it hard to market myself. It just feels so personal. As soon as I found myself no longer working in-house, I contacted Ilise. Not only is Ilise a great cheerleader and a wealth of knowledge, but she surrounds herself with a high caliber group of creatives, primarily women, who are lifelong learners, high achievers, hustlers, forward thinkers, and all-around good people. I’ve been lucky to be able to hang out on Zoom with them all for the past year and learn from their challenges, receive generous feedback, and support.

That’s what’s on my list, what’s on yours? What are you thankful for in this past year? Leave a comment below.

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