Jake Bruton Talks Branding and Why It Matters

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This month I’ve been thinking a lot about branding—

So when I came across this video from Jake Bruton from the Build Show I thought — bingo!

Jake is a builder who after years of experience learned that first impressions matter.

It’s the little things that add up—a clean job site, professional-looking business cards, and bringing your personality to your website. It all adds up to create a brand people trust. 

#1 Don’t Make This Email Marketing Mistake

One mistake I keep seeing when it comes to email marketing is not designing the email to be mobile-friendly. Don’t get caught making this mistake. Read this article — Email Design Best Practices by MailChimp to see if you’re checking all the boxes before you hit send.

#2 Good Help is Hard to Find

A lot of people out there claim to know how to market on social media but fall short at producing results. This article by Sprout Social can help you determine if you need to hire someone in-house or a freelancer and what questions you should ask before you bring someone on.

Sustainable Packaging Example, Dove Refillable Deodorant and Body Wash

#3 Reduce to Reuse Packaging

More mainstream CPG companies are looking at ways they can refill and reuse their packaging, like Unilever’s Dove deodorant and body wash products. This article from Packaging World looks at the evolution, advantages, and four different modes of packaging reuse.

Home Depot builds a store in Roblox in the Meta Verse

#4 Home Depot in Roblox & FitChix

The Home Depot built a store inside Roblox that is hosting a virtual version of its popular Kids Workshop events. The Virtual Kids Workshops will run from March 1 through May 15, supported by in-store promotion at IRL Kids Workshops events. 

Also worth sharing—Honest Egg Co. based in Australia developed pedometers to strap to their chickens and record their step counts to show exactly how much “free range” time their chics get

For the love of branding, your ultimate guide to designing your brand

#5 For the Love of Branding—Designing Your Brand

Branding, like love, can seem elusive, mysterious, and full of ups and downs. But at its heart branding is about connecting with your audience, building a relationship, and nurturing your relationship.

It turns out that love and branding have a lot in common, and neither happens by accident.  Learn how to design your brand for 2023 and beyond…

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