Welcome to the inaugural edition of 5 Things to Share.

It was inspired by the desire to shorten the monthly newsletter while still sharing news, trends, interesting bits and pieces, and tips in marketing, design, and photography with you.

So here are 5 things worth sharing this month…

#1 The Icelandverse

“A revolutionary approach to connecting people without being super weird…” the Icelandverse. This gem came to me from a copywriter friend, Amy Mayers, and had me snorting and laughing out loud. “Seriously, look, it’s right here…and it’s completely real with water that’s wet…and there are skies you can see with your eyeballs…”

#2 Instagram Swipe Up Stickers for Everyone!

Do you have under 10k followers on Instagram? Me too. (It’s about the quality of the people not the quantity after all). Small businesses can now rejoice since Instagram has made sticker links available to everyone.

#3 An Absolut Redesign

You probably remember the Absolut Vodka ads if you’re a 90s kid like me. Absolut Vodka revealed its biggest redesign since 1979, and I love how they poured their brand’s iconic heritage into the refresh.

Absolute Packaging Design

#4 Apple Privacy Changes & Email

I’ve seen conflicting reports from varying sources, but here are a couple of insightful articles on how Apple’s new privacy features could be affecting you, the first from Constant Contact.  And another one from HubSpot outlining stable metrics you should make the shift to when measuring results.

#5 Sparking Hope

Just like the last scene of Star Wars, The Last Jedi, people are tired and burned out from getting beaten down by the pandemic (aka, the First Order). They’re looking for inspiration and hope.

Optimism is trending for 2022, from web design to print. Your customers and clients are looking for brands, messaging, and designs that give them a sense of hope and optimism. Check out this article on how you can convey a positive attitude in your messaging and visuals.

One other trend we love. 90s nostalgia, all I I can say about that is “you had me at hello.”

Sarah Spoelstra

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