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My family and I have been binge-watching the History Channel show “Alone” lately on Hulu.

If you haven’t seen it — the premise is that 10 people get dropped off in the middle of nowhere with 10 items of their choosing, and whoever survives the longest wins $500,000. 

We’re on season 2, and what strikes a chord with me is that most of these people are good at surviving. They know how to catch fish, go a week without food, and treat poisonous spider bites with herbs they scavenge. But what takes out most of these people is loneliness. 

They miss their family, partner, dog, or friends. Once they’ve proved they can survive, the craving for interaction with others is what does them in.

It reminded me how vital connection is—being authentically connected to other people is what life and, dare I say, marketing your business is all about.

So this newsletter is all about connecting with your people, whether it’s via print, social, or email marketing.

Enjoy and have a safe and happy holiday!


How To Build a Successful Social Media Strategy

#1 How to Build a Successful Social Media Strategy

It seems like everyone these days is on social media. The pressure to post and be everywhere is real. Should you be on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? What about TikTok? Or have you heard of BeReal yet? Social media can make your head spin, to say the least.

So I’ve put together a few blog posts to help you build a successful social media strategy for your business.


What Not to Do with Retail Food Packaging

#2 Learn What Not to Do in Retail Food Packaging

This article from my friends at It’s All Goods Inc. lets you in on the secrets of What Not To Do with Food Packaging.

I especially liked the section on not putting enough thought into the design. (Go figure.) Read it now

3 Quick Ways to Connect with Your Audience with Email Marketing

#3 Three Quick Ways to Connect with Your Email Audience

  1. Put thought behind your subject line. Keep it short and to the point. Let your audience know what to expect when they open it, and why they need to read it.
  2. Don’t be generic. Personalize your content to your audience. At the very least, put their name in the email.
  3. Segment your list. Split your customers into categories based on demographics, product, or services they’re interested in.

Get more email marketing tips here.

The Marketing Machine Behind the Barbie Movie

#4 I’m a Barbie Girl in a Barbie World…

I don’t know about you, but I’m excited to see the upcoming Barbie movie. Whether the film is a summer smash or crash, there’s no denying the marketing behind it has been brilliant and boosted the Barbie brand.  Go behind the scenes here with AdAge to peek at its marketing machine.


Client Spotlight - Abrasive Blast Supply

#5 ABS Supply Sashco Full Service Dealer Catalog

I met Shannon and Jason from Abrasive Blast Supply, at a Zero Failureshappy hour this spring. I knew I liked them when they knew who Betsy was from Moonshine Gulch Saloon. Rest in peace Betsy.

We collaborated on a 16-page catalog designed to help them sell Sashco’s log home products to their customers. The catalog will be given out at trade shows and put in with orders of blasting equipment that go out. Check them out here.

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